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Helping the Children of the World

 It has always been a dream of the owner and team of Earth & Ocean to help children around the world. As some know we recently helped a children’s school in Punta Mango, El Salvador this past November on one of our surf retreats. We painted their school, bought them new equipment, school supplies and fundraised to help the children.

Recently the local El Salvador Sunzal surf club kids who’s dreams are to surf at the Olympic level for 2020 contacted us asking for help, sending along with their letter a impressive proposal asking for sponsorship so that these 14 children can compete at the Nationals this year. Some of these children aren’t even able to attend school, surfing has been a sport and passion they have grown up with, but they need help competing to make it to the next level. They will be able to surf and attend each competition for around $800-1400 for ALL 14 kids. Around $80-$140 per kid, per competition. This includes food, transportation, event costs, enrollment, lodging, etc…

Attached is their proposal letter with all the breakdowns. We can all make a difference in helping these kids live better lives and fulfil their dreams. If we collaborate to help support them, we possibly could reach their total yearly goal and they may be able to compete for the entire year. Goal: Around $5000 total for 5 national events per year.

If you may be inclined to help please read the attached articles. Let’s help these kids make it to their surf competitions and live their dreams!

If you would like to donate, 100% of proceeds go to helping them an will be emailed to Susana Suri Barrera who is committed to coaching and helping these kids live better lives!

Esto significa mucho para mí. Muchas Gracias.

Sponsorship PDF letter- links below:

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